Meet the Polar Maidens 2018 - 5 ordinary women off to the South Pole
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Meet The Maidens

Jan Meek is the lady behind this expedition and was in charge of recruiting each of the Maidens.


Once it became known that Jan wanted to mount the expedition to the South Pole, she was approached by many adventurous friends and contacts from her Ocean row and North Pole trips.


However, her mission when recruiting was to ensure she had an all ‘ordinary’ female team of different ages.


It took Jan just over two years to recruit three of her Maidens, Caroline, Tanvi and Madhabilata.


The next step was to put out a public announcement via The Evening Standard and ITN. As a result over 200 women approached her about becoming part of the team!


Jan was contacted by Aileen Crean O’Brien, Tom Crean’s granddaughter. She was very interested in Jan’s desire to complete her grandfather’s journey and wanted to become a Polar Maiden. Of course, she was perfect. Not only was she part of the Crean family, she was also the right age.


Jan named her team the ‘Polar Maidens’ because Maidens mean women, and a Maiden voyage of a ship is the first voyage. And Jan feels this is the first expedition of ordinary women.


Polar Maidens - Jan Meek
Age 73

Jan is a triple Guinness World Record holder and works as a motivational speaker. She is the Polar Maiden expedition organiser, a loving grandmother, mother and wife.  

Age 57

Aileen is the granddaughter of Tom Crean, the hero of both Scott’s and Shackleton’s South Pole adventures, that the Polar Maidens are honouring.

Age 60

Caroline, is a recovering breast cancer patient, diagnosed and operated on in 2017, has always enjoyed a challenge.

Polar Maiden - Madhabilata Amirta Mitra
Age 36

Madhabilata is very successful model, an adventure tourism trek guide and an award-winning motivational leader.

Polar Maidens - Tanvi Buch
Age 24

Tanvi is a student from Mumbai, studying a BSc in Natural Resources Conservation at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

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