Madhabilata Amrita Mitra - Polar Maiden 2018 #womenlessordinary
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Madhabilata Amirta Mitra

Madhabilata Amrita Mitra
Age 36


Madhabilata Amrita Mitra is a very successful model, award winning motivational leader and trek leader.


Madhabilata was previously an Army Cadet of the National Cadet Corps. She later formed an adventure tourism agency with her husband, where she has works as a trek leader in India and Nepal. She has been a guest instructor for the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling and undertaken a search and rescue course from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (Uttarkashi).


For her first trek, aged just 12, she crossed Mountain Dodabeta in the Nilgiri Hills in India. Madhabilata leads treks at the Everest Base Camp, across Nepal at the Annapurna Base Camp and Sandakphu (the highest peak in Nepal). Her treks also include Dzongri and Goecha La both in India. She has been on many expeditions throughout the years including the Kang Yatse mountain in Asia.


In 2018 Madhabilata Amrita Mitra was presented with a Bengal Motivational Leadership Award.  Her talks about her life experiences motivates others to go on adventures of their own.


As well as preparing for the Polar Maidens expedition, she is also aiming to climb Mountain Yunum near Baralacha Pass and Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, within the next few months.

Madhabilata has faced challenges in every aspect of her life. But life has taught her to go beyond her comfort zone and work hard to overcome them.

Q&A with Madhabilata Amrita Mitra

What’s your motivation for being a Polar Maiden?

My motivation for being a Polar Maiden is to be part of an extraordinary team of ‘ordinary’ women of diverse ages and cultures, who will come together to conquer Antarctica. 


What have you found the most challenging with your training?

Training in Scotland with the other Maidens, under the supervision of one of the best guides, was demanding. Pulling tyres on sand dunes for hours is a new workout for me but it does enhance endurance. It’s great to have a supportive team of Maidens around me – even if it is via Whatsapp for periods of time!


What three home comforts will you miss during your time at the South Pole?

I really don’t think I will miss anything. I am going to be fulfilling my Polar Maiden dream with a fantastic group of strong women and enjoying that!

What are you most looking forward to during the expedition?

During the expedition I’m looking forward to being together with all of the other Polar Maidens. I think we will be like a strong and supportive family for each other. It will be amazing to overcome the odds and share achieving our dreams together. 


Is there anything you are worried about pre, during and post the trek?

I am just hoping we have enough sponsorship to undertake the trip. I’m just looking forward to everything else. 


How do you think you will maintain your drive to complete the expedition?

Reaching the South Pole is an absolute dream of mine.  I’m really focused on achieving this goal. That gives me the motivation for training and the expedition.  I’m spending lots of time in the gym, weight training, running outside and pulling tyres.  I’m planning on spending more time in the snow in October and November.

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