Sponsor the Polar Maidens 2018 #womenlessordinary
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Thank you for considering sponsoring the Polar Maidens’ expedition to the South Pole that is raising funds for the INSPIRATIONELLE FOUNDATION. There are various sponsorship opportunities to suit all budgets.


If you become an ‘Expedition Angel‘ (£1500 – £2500 sponsorship), you’ll be entitled to book a Polar Maiden as an inspiring speaker for your organisation or chosen charity’s event in return. This is likely to be very popular – so act fast! (See more below)


If you are a member of the public who would like to support our project with £5 or more. Please sponsor us via our Go Fund Me page and become a ‘Polar Angel‘. Thank you so much.

If your business brand and target market is aligned with women, of any age, this is a huge sponsorship opportunity.


We are in discussions with two UK television production companies and a US network regarding a series about the expedition that could be distributed worldwide. (Plus there’s lots of other media visibility too!)


Sponsorship is particularly ideal if you are associated with extreme sports, snow, adventure, travel, health, wellness, fitness, beauty, entrepreneurship, personal development, medical research and technology for cold environments.

The Polar Maidens expedition is quickly capturing the interest of the general public in the home nations of the maidens – UK, Ireland and India. But the message is spreading worldwide.


It is awe-inspiring to learn that five ‘ordinary’ women, with ages spanning 50 years (from 20’s to 70’s), are heading out on such an incredible expedition.


The Polar Maidens have four main goals:


1 – SCIENTIFIC: Find out how women of different ages react to the same extreme conditions and recover physically and emotionally. It’s been done with men and with athletes – but not a team of more ‘ordinary’ women.  Prof Chris Imray, from Warwick Medical School, is an international leader in extreme medicine. He will be advising the Polar Maidens on physiological and psychological measurements.


2 – PERSONAL: Undertake a rather more personal mission of completing the journey of renowned explorer, Tom Crean, from Scott’s 1910 expedition. He is the grandfather to one of the Polar Maidens (Aileen). By reach the South Pole a century later, the Polar Maidens are also showing how far women have come since the 1900’s in terms of physical strength and spirit.


3 – ENVIRONMENTAL: Tanvi, one of the Polar Maidens, is advising the team on how they can be the most environmentally friendly expedition to the South Pole. They will be planting trees on their return to offset their carbon footprint and using as much recyclable equipment as possible. The team want to reinforce the message of how important it is to preserve this unique Antarctic environment.


4 – PHILANTHROPIC: Raise funds for the INSPIRATIONELLE FOUNDATION so that grants can be given to more women and young people looking to complete an extraordinary project.


After the Maidens return from the South Pole, the work of the INSPIRATIONELLE FOUNDATION will continue to encourage more women and children to challenge themselves and develop to their full potential. And importantly, share their experiences, which encourages another set of people in our communities to forge ahead with their journeys of discovery.


Schools, charities and other non-commercial organisations will benefit from funded talks and keynote presentations about the physical demands of the expedition, the scientific objectives and the entrepreneurial skills of leadership and teamwork. Along with many entertaining and amazing anecdotes of this adventure in the demanding Antarctic wilderness.


Sponsorship opportunities are available for:


  • Overall naming rights for the expedition


  • Major sponsor package


  • Product/equipment sponsor


  • ‘Expedition Angels’ sponsorship: 

– £2500 sponsorship will include a keynote talk from a Polar Maiden for a commercial organisation – and more


– £1500 sponsorship will include a keynote talk from a Polar Maiden to your nominated school/college/university, charity or not-for-profit organisation – and more


  • The expedition will have its own drone to record footage, as well as other video and photography, that will feature on TV, in the press and on social media throughout the trip. (Some initial training footage in September 2018 was already featured on the BBC Breakfast and BBC News24 several times – see the clip).


  • With 24 hours sunlight for approximately 20 days on the ice, your brand will have high exposure.


  • And then there’s the TV series potential on several networks in 2019…


  • And the exposure continues after the Maidens return with all their presentations and talks showcasing your brand to education, commercial and non-commercial organisations going forward too… (this continues for many years with Jan showing photos and video and talking about your support in all her talks as a professional speaker)


We’d love to discuss a fantastic sponsorship package for your organisation.


Please contact us via janice@polar-maidens.net or call the team on +44 (0) 774 809 4349. Thank you.

Thank you to our Sponsors

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