Tanvi Buch, Indian Polar Maiden 2018 #womenlessordinary
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Tanvi Buch

Tanvi Buch
Age 24


Tanvi Buch is a student from Mumbai. She is currently studying for a BSc in Natural Resources Conservation at the University of British Columbia, Canada.


She has a great interest in the environment, so is very excited to visit Antarctica.  Tanvi Buch has assisted in the research and writing of an academic paper about climate change which will be submitted to the National Seminar on Climate Change. She’s also assisted in the planning of course material for the Certificate Course on Climate Change.  


She is also studying and documenting background information to devise a research proposal. This will focus on the relevance and role of Hindu philosophy and Indian traditions in the climate change scenario.  


Her career experience includes working for the State Knowledge Management Centre on Climate Change, as well as the Environmental Planning and Coordination Organisation for the Department of Environment. Both in Madhya Pradesh, India.


Tanvi tries to make the most of every opportunity that presents itself. If she decides to go for something, she will always give it her best effort. As she says “Effort is the bit that is within my control. And whatever the outcome, we always learn.”

Q&A with Tanvi Buch

What’s your motivation for being a Polar Maiden?

I’m here for the experience, the inspiring company of the other Maidens and the journey itself. That journey has already begun with all our training plans.  With the expedition being a multicultural, all-women expedition with a range of ages, I am keen for it to send out a message. Think of yourself as an individual that can achieve something – don’t be limited by gender or culture or nationality or anything else. If you want something, go for it – we all have the capacity irrespective.


What have you found the most challenging with your training?

The most difficult part of training is building up my physical fitness. I definitely need to work on my strength training and building endurance.


What three home comforts will you miss during your time at the South Pole?

A warm shower, a cozy bed and home cooked food (and a strong, steaming cup of chai!).

What are you most looking forward to during the expedition?

I can’t wait to be taking in the breathtaking natural landscape and enjoying this experience to the full with my incredible Polar Maiden companions. 


Is there anything you are worried about pre, during and post the trek?

Keeping warm and dry! Not exactly worrying, but definitely being careful of not getting any injuries (especially before and during the trek). Post-trek time is lounging time and catching up with studies.


How do you think you will maintain your drive to complete the expedition?

My Polar Maiden team mates will keep me going –  their presence is electric, radiant, warm and infectious.

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