Caroline Gerearts - Polar Maidens 2018 #womenlessordinary
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Caroline Geraerts

Caroline Geraerts
Age 60


Caroline Geraerts, is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed and operated on in 2017, and has always enjoyed a challenge.


Caroline Gerearts has a real drive and desire to fundraise for a variety of charities that are close to her.  

She runs her own bespoke entertainment services agency, StarTurn Entertainment, which provides planning, management and the provision of artists and attractions. This is as well as working full time for an online makeup company, who provide makeup and inspiration for mature women.

In the year she turns 60 she wants to walk to both the South and North Poles!


When she became single in her forties she let nothing stop her. She first did a bungee jump and a skydive. She then abseiled down Battersea Power Station dressed as catwoman. Caroline Gerearts has cycled from London to Brighton, run a half marathon and rowed the Thames which is 25 miles long. She’s slept rough and trekked in vertiginous and far away places!


She has a real love for trekking and this passion has taken her to many different places including the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, the Himalayas Everest Base Camp and North Africa’s highest mountain Toubkal.


In April 2017 Caroline got diagnosed with breast cancer, despite this she climbed Toubkal in South Western Morocco in May 2017. In June 2017 she was operated in and, in her own words, “It’s a life changer!”.

Q&A with Caroline Gerearts

What’s your motivation for being a Polar Maiden?

To challenge myself physically and mentally. To inspire other women – particularly women with cancer and older women. Age and cancer is no barrier to following your dreams, no matter how mad they may seem to others!


What have you found the most challenging with your training?

Finding the time to fit everything in with a full time job, running my own business and having to find a new home after nearly 20 years of renting the same property, due to my landlady selling the house.


What three home comforts will you miss during your time at the South Pole?

A proper loo, a luxurious bath and a G & T.

What are you most looking forward to during the expedition?

The challenge, the beauty and solitude of the Antarctic. Being part of a close-knit team, mindfulness. The camaraderie of my fellow Polar Maidens – we will inevitably laugh much and probably cry a little – and, of course, reaching the pole. I know, I will cry buckets when I get there, as I always do when I have set myself a major physical and mental challenge and achieve it!


Is there anything you are worried about pre, during and post the trek?

Being fit enough, whether I am mentally strong enough for this undertaking. Leaving my friends and family behind and how I will return to ‘normal life’ afterwards.


How do you think you will maintain your drive to complete the expedition?

By thinking about all the women I may be able to inspire to follow their dreams.

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