Hauling tyres begins - Polar Maidens
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Hauling tyres begins

Polar Maidens - Jan Meek hauling tyres on Bexhill seafront

Hauling tyres begins

The Polar Maidens training plan includes hauling tyres behind them to replicate the experience of pulling their pulks (loaded sleds) in Antarctica.

I am so fortunate to live by the sea, which makes long training walks a joy. My gym, where I train with the current Mr Universe, Roy Maclean, is 5 miles from my house. My husband drops me off there then I am put through my paces with weights and cardio exercises (Roy takes no prisoners, makes no allowances for my size or age) before walking the 5 miles home along either the top of the cliff or the beach.

I pick up my 2 tyres tomorrow and then plan to meet Roy at the beach a couple of times a week very early in the morning, when we hope to have the beach to ourselves, to combine hauling them and doing exercises.

The shingles we have here in Bexhill make a good training terrain and I found when racing the 400 hundred miles from Resolute Bay to the Geographic North Pole that it was the ability to keep going for up to 12 hours on some days that got us there.

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