Meeting Maidens in Ireland and India - Polar Maidens
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Meeting Maidens in Ireland and India

Meeting Maidens in Ireland and India

Jan visits Ireland and India to meet her Polar Maidens.

What a few weeks for Polar Maidens.  I have been too busy to do a blog because I have been busy organising the Polar Maidens launch.  The 3 Polar Maidens in Europe; Aileen, Caroline and I  got together for the first time, in Ireland, when we entered the Tom Crean (our hero) Endurance Walk.  Aileen, Tom’s granddaughter,  completed it (it is on her doorstep so she had the advantage of knowing it) and got her medal Caroline who I am convinced would have also completed it but she loyally stayed by my side as I am the slowcoach.  On the hottest day for 40 years we managed to scale Ireland’s 2nd Highest Mountain; Mount Brandon, 3,300 ft., then a mountain called ‘The Bitch’ leave that to your imagination, then my knee told me it did not want to do the next mountain ‘The Bastard!’ so we diverted to a slightly easier route back to base. What pleased us, me in particular, is that we were on our feet for 10 hours, and the following day, totally recovered.

This last week I have been in Calcutta, apart from the long long journey, had just 3 days, but what full days.  Met our 2 Indian Polar Maidens, Tanvi and Madhabilata, for the first time. We have met on WhatsApp and social media but first time together. We shared a Photoshoot and a brilliant Press Conference which was a great success. We got on so well and I am now confident that we are a super team.

Just an aside, but who should I bump into in my hotel but David Cameron, our former Prime Minister, who I met several times when my son Dan Byles was a Member of Parliament.  He was very charming asking after Dan and very curious to know what I was doing in Calcutta.

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